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Scholarship Magic - Brand Essentials
Scholarship Magic approached us to launch a disruptive product. It needed bold branding, precise messaging, and sales enablement ready to go. With budgetary constraints, speed to value was essential.
The brief

Revolutionizing scholarship applications in higher education demanded a bold brand identity.

A new product within the scholarship application space, Scholarship Magic needed a standout brand identity. Clear and compelling messaging was necessary to communicate the value proposition to several stakeholders within the buying process, as well as the results and impact to the donor community facilitating the scholarships. With budget limitations, it was crucial to deliver a Brand Essentials package swiftly without compromising quality.


A vibrant and dynamic brand identity and positioning statements.
Sales teams were provided with the necessary tools to go to market, with cohesive and professional branded materials.


a striking brand look and feel that captivated audiences, evoking a sense of playfulness and ease simultaneously.
messaging that resonated multiple target audiences, making the value proposition evident for university administrators, donors, and students alike.
time-to-value by delivering a brand essentials kit and website in just under two months.
sales enablement and basic support tools to empower the sales team and drive conversion.
social media presence, amplifying the brand message across diverse platforms.

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