How can we be a part of your firm's impact and portfolio growth?

Our knowledge of technology for education combined with creativity, we can help you shine the spotlight on your founder’s stories and create content experiences that enhance your impact:

FOUNDER SPOTLIGHTS: The testimony of your founders and the exciting and transformative stories of their teams.

We want to share the founder’s purpose and its the alignment with our investment thesis.

Distill what really matters about your founders from insightful and in-depth interviews, the starting point of our process to create 27zero founder spotlights.

Do you need to have high quality, valuable content based on your portfolio of companies?.

Maximize content production from just a couple of hours of interviewing of funders and teams. Our content suite gives you original video, photos, blog articles, social media posts, e-books, ads, and more to support any channel, activity, or effort.

Do you feel that your agency doesn't understand EdTech?

Creativity and EdTech knowledge based on a warm and intimate conversation led by an expert results in content and assets that stand out and engage audiences.

You have no video budget, and good video is expensive.

Our 3 different packages can fit most budgets and adapt to most needs. Our competitive pricing is a result of our production team being based primarily in Colombia, South America.

The traditional challenge-to-results case study format isn't always ideal for what you want to show about your portfolio.

Often, the people, the insights, the stories, the magic and the impact of a product on an early customer is something that a cold case study doesn't necessarily capture. That is why we created our Customer Spotlights.

Ready to improve your marketing effectiveness?

Shine the spotlight on your customers

CONTENT EXPERIENCES: Interactive, web-based, non-traditional collaterals to power your firm’s reachout. Internal or customer facing assets based on market knowledge, powerful narratives with messaging that truly resonates. All based on in-depth, expert research enhanced by creative elements.

Your brand, website, decks and materials need more punch, creativity and a storytelling structure that really resonates with EdTech founders and other investors?.

Creating effective collateral for EdTech requires both industry expertise and a creative approach to communication and design. This special combination of skills is precisely what 27zero has to offer.

There's no easy way to know the impact and effectiveness of collateral and assets, how they're used, how often they're used, and what content and messages people are more interested in.

Our interactive, web-based collaterals provide you with analytics to inform your decisions regarding themes, formats, gauge interest and message awareness.

Ready to improve your marketing effectiveness?

shine the spotlight on your customers