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Listening to your customers to drive growth


Design and implement a comprehensive marketing program to consolidate uPlanner's regional dominance in Latin America and at the same time, lay a solid foundation for global expansion.

Challenge Overview

uPlanner is one of the leading EdTech companies with roots in Latin America. With an outstanding product offering based on specialized software solutions for academic operations and data-driven decision-making, it has attracted the most prestigious higher education institutions in the region.

Like many companies with great engineering and product origins, we quickly realized that the brand had a great reputation, but few really knew how the portfolio of solutions could help institutions.

Our Approach

We suggested research interviews where we could listen to users and understand their pain points in order to create positioning and messaging that truly resonated with the market.
The essence of product marketing work, a solid foundation for the program execution that followed.


uPlanner exceeded initial goals for lead generation, opportunities and closed deals by:

- Crafting positioning statements that resonated with higher education users, influencers, and stakeholders.
- Leveraging the voice of leading customers to build trust and identify with similar challenges through 27zero Customer Spotlights.
- Generated thousands of impressions and clicks through LinkedIn paid and organic campaigns.
- Reach an ever-growing audience with an industry newsletter
- Advance pipeline opportunities by educating clients on academic operations related topics.

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