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Communicate your product benefits with great visual storytelling


OPEN LMS is one of the most renowned Moodle-based LMS platform providers in the world. However, the US company was looking for a new and creative way to let their target audience know the benefits of using their product.

Challenge Overview

After Open LMS presented us with their challenge, our strategy and creative department came up with a Content Experience proposal to adapt the content of their marketing discourse into a creative and innovative experience using UX tools, new trends, channels, and demographic data.

Our Approach

Once the ideas were grounded and approved, we handed over two videos to Open LMS. The objective of the first one was to show the reasons why institutions should adapt to the Management Learning System. For this video, we used animations and texts that made it much easier and more dynamic to understand this information. The second video was intended to make educational institutions question whether their LMS really represented their culture.


We invite you to take a look at the videos on the Open LMS landing page/homepage.  Click the link and see for yourself:

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