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Cambia y Actúa Campaign
Content Experience

Creating and executing a disruptive campaign based on a sustainable approach for an exceptional K12 institution.

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Create a campaign to raise awareness in the Bogota communities about the importance of sustainable daily activities with 2 objectives: First, to make tangible the school's sustainability purpose and second, to build positioning around the sustainable activities in which the school actively participates.

Challenge Overview

Sustainability is a cliché and for many brands it is a "green wash", which means that this type of communication is rarely heard or stands out. In order for this strategy to succeed, it had to be seen as an authentic exercise in sustainability, a real purpose had to be perceived as part of the school's DNA.

Our Approach

We decided to create the campaign from a sense of joy. Usually sustainability campaigns are fatalistic and focus on generating fear. At 27zero we proposed using the school's bright colors, which coincide with those of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to build a cheerful, lively, eye-catching, different campaign. We built the messages with stop motion animations, and collage paper craft style to visually address each of the themes in a short, impactful way and with very easy to understand messages for a massive and diverse audience as possible.

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