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D2L came to us with a very clear objective: They needed to increase the relevance and visibility of their brand and their corporate representatives in the most influential media in each market frequently and consistently.

Challenge Overview

Although D2L was very clear about what they wanted, they needed to provide a solution that was more than just focused, they also needed help with the execution of the solution.

Our Approach

Our events department director, Alexandra Pineda, proposed that D2L create an event that could establish relationships with journalists and specialized media from the ground up,  because, as a relatively new brand, this relationship was not very well established.  This event would revolve around a specific communication strategy.


Ultimately, an event format was created where the largest educational institutions in Mexico gathered together. At 27zero, we took care of every stage of the development and success of this event leaving no stone unturned, no matter how small the detail. The result of this event was so positive that it was replicated in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, with the exception of the target audience, on this occasion it was adapted for the Colombian market.

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