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Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlights

Get your best customers to share their stories


Film and produce a series of case studies with world-renowned brands across Europe.

Challenge Overview

Communicate the key benefits of the Busuu B2B offering, building on the well-established consumer language learning platform, using only filmed customer interviews shot in various locations across the continent.

Our Approach

Although the 27zero team is no stranger to demanding filming and interview schedules to deliver Customer Spotlights, this time we needed to design a standard production process that could be replicated with consistency by external video teams anywhere in the world. Editing was centralized using visual templates that articulated unexplored elements of the Busuu brand.


Lead generating videos featured on the Busuu business website:

- Customer Spotlights, featuring users from world
-Renowned brands such as PUMA, L'OREAL and more.
- Product Spotlights, showcasing the key benefits of learning languages at scale.
- Industry Spotlights, highlighting the specific benefits for industries where language learning is essential.

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