Content Experiences

Capturing the attention of a university president


An initiative, a solution to engage with a significant number of key accounts at the highest level of decision making beyond a one-off event.

Challenge Overview

Capture the attention and engagement of an audience that is constantly targeted and bombarded with messages and offers from brands in the EdTech space.

Our Approach

We proposed to change the nature of the traditional B2B event. Using branded content, leveraging the stories that every leader loves to share, and changing the dynamic of the audience from spectators to protagonists driving the action. Leaders leaving a legacy for higher education and their nations.


Legacy Conversations successfully positioned Anthology at the center of a meaningful dialogue with 21 highly visible leaders who have shaped the landscape of higher education in Latin America by:

- Reinvigorating the sales cycle with more tha 50 key accounts.

- Driving strategic conversations with university presidents and C-level leaders in higher education.

- Publishing and distributing an eye-catching book with inspiring illustrations by renowned artists from across Latam.

- 120+ multi-format, multi-channel content pieces that generate long-term social engagement and significant inbound traffic.

- Bring participants together for an inspiring, in-person closing session led by Anthology's CEO.

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